3 fairly easy tasks you should have done 2 years ago for your website…

Many of you have already done all three, others have done one or two, and some (gasp) have done none.  All are free (except for that precious thing called time), and all are effective.

1.  Register with Google Places. http://places.google.com should get you there.  This insures Google, the most popular search engine, has your up to date info, and you can submit photos, videos, and other info to help your company stand out.

2. Register with Yahoo Local.  I found this to be a little more tricky, but still worth the effort.  Start here: http://listings.local.yahoo.com and click on Sign Up.  Because it is not as popular as Google, many of your competitors will not spend the time to register.  You thus receive a larger piece of a smaller pie, very worth your time.

3. Get educated about being found on the web.  Don’t pay someone tons of money for SEO, if you are a small business owner, it is worth having basic knowledge. I suggest  http://www.webconfs.com/15-minute-seo.php or if you are a MorePhotos.com client, then contact us up to get a SEO review by our in house expert: seo@morephotos.com

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Zack has been on board with MorePhotos since 2006. He's helped 100's of photographers get set up with killer new sites.
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