Photographer sites shouldn’t be SEO friendly

They should be a Big Search Bully

Friendly is taking your turn at the top, I’m talking about being 1st, 2nd, AND 3rd.  There’s nothing friendly about that.  And that should be your mission.  Once they land on your site, you better have a rockin website, but that’s for a different post.

As you know by now, there’s no silver bullet for SEO, no switch you can flip, no SECRET that nobody else knows…  It just takes work, but you’re not afraid of that, or you wouldn’t have started your own business.  I specifically recommend 3 things to get the most bang for your minutes detailed here.

If you do those three steps, you will be SEO friendly.  I have a white paper in front of me with 20 tasks, each taking between 3-20 minutes.  If you take the time over the next few weeks and do every one (I have done most), you WILL see great benefits, or you will get a 350% money back.  (which is zero dollars, I was going for a dramatic effect).

Email me and I’ll be happy to share:


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Zack has been on board with MorePhotos since 2006. He's helped 100's of photographers get set up with killer new sites.
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